Score Credits

Original music written, performed, and engineered by Katherine Dohan (hammer dulcimer, kalimba, electric guitar, bass, recorder, vocals, banjo, autoharp, bottles, percussion, album art).

Concrete Orchestra

A sincere thanks to all the musicians who generously contributed their talent and time to this project. Also thanks to Julian Cartwright for his encouragement and advice, Judy Kitts for letting me borrow her hammer dulcimer, Sean Murphy for helping me get the right kalimba, Charles Wright at White Station High for conducting the marching band, and of course to Alanna Stewart for her ideas and support.


These indepedendent musicians graciously allowed us to use their music for the soundtrack.

Screaming Females
Diane Cluck
Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship?
Katie the Pest
Hop Along
Timeless Legend
Abe Froman
The Cackle Sisters
Boogaloo Ames
Tony Thomas Trio
The Barbaras
Scandaliz Vandalistz