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lyrics by Brock / music by Brock, Alice, and Katherine

Paola he had never been away to Rio
For his family oh he knew he had to go

Cuz in the north it's only drought
Landlords will buy you out
Kids hug their moms
And leave the house
Join the crowd snaking south

Have you seen the cars
And the towers
Reaching up to the stars
They say if we all do our part
Then we'll get ours

Industria brasileira

The generals have planned it out
It's a miracle no doubt
But even while Jesus looks down
Paolo's in a shantytown


Brazil has got a destiny
So manifest for all to see
Bom dia auto industry
For our great super power
We'll take loans out by the hour
The real lingua franca's Portuguese

Industria Brasileira

Homem no ha trabalho
There is not work for Paolo
There is no corn to shuck
The World Bank's got us stuck

Industria brasileira

Grandeza means "Greatness" in Portuguese and was the driving force behind Brazilian nationalism in the 60's and 70's. The idea was that Brazil was destined to become a super power, at any cost.

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