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Scandaliz Vandalistz was formed in Memphis, TN in 2003 by Alice Buchanan (guitar, vocals) and Katherine Dohan (bass, vocals). Later, they were joined by Alanna Stewart (vocals) and Brock Terwilleger (vocals), completing the quartet of permanent band members. On the drums, they have been accompanied by Sean Lissner, Hunter Deacon, Chad Carlisle, Dustin McCormick, and Michael Peery.

The group formed when a teacher in charge of the high school Battle of the Bands begrudgingly allowed Buchanan and Dohan to enter, commenting that two girls with guitars could not be a real band. Impassioned, Buchanan and Dohan took the name of a band of ruffians who had been defacing school property: the Scandaliz Vandalistz.

Before long, SV was capturing hearts with their raucous and ridiculous live shows at coffee shops, art galleries, bars, and music venues across Memphis. Soon, the group had gained local notoriety and radio airplay with their homemade recording "Hey Mr. Beifuss" about their favorite hometown movie critic.

After leaving their hometown in 2005 to attend different colleges, the Vandalistz reunited in Memphis the summer after their freshman year to record their first album. In order to capture the chemistry of the band, SV enlisted sound engineering student Chad Carlisle to record their songs live at Alanna's parents' house. The resulting album, I Forgot Where I Was Going, So I Came Back, features a spirited lo-fi pop sound that ranges from sweet and introspective to frustrated and dramatic. With the finished album in hand, the band took to the road in the Scandy Van for their Demi-National Tour and arrived back in Memphis two weeks later with matching tattoos.

Every summer till 2009, SV reunited in Memphis and continued writing and playing together. In 2008, they recorded their second album with sound engineer Noah Glenn. Featuring a harder-edged sound than their debut, Home To Roost revisits some of the themes of SV's first album while also growing with the group.

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SV is Alice Buchanan, Katherine Dohan, Alanna Stewart, and Brock Terwilleger

Home to Roost features Dustin McCormick on drums,
and Wesley Morgan on upright bass on tracks 10 and 4

Recorded and mixed by Noah Glenn