T H E A R T P A R T Y 

a b o u t !    ~    a r t !    ~    i s s u e s !    ~    p r o p a g a n d a !    ~    j o i n !    ~    e v e n t s !    ~    c o n t a c t !

Propaganda may have some negative connotations, but they are all just falsifications that language has forced upon an innocent idea. Propaganda is delightful, and helps people understand what is going on in their world. It elucidates and facilitates choice. And choice is luxury!

You are invited to facilitate the growth of the Art Party by handing out propaganda, copies of which you can find behind this link and also this one. We encourage you to decorate them in any way you like, or even to create your own pamphlets (as long as you include the tenets and get the basic ideas across). Spread the word!

We encourage you to share these any way you see fit, or indeed to make you own:

Propaganda is always made with crayons.

Please view the Art Party's early advertising designs!