T H E A R T P A R T Y 

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What do we care about? We care about the simple things. They are, of course, the things that matter the most! We love bread and water. We believe in freedom, equality, peace, love, kindness, our natural environment, outer space, and ART.

Our platform is currently in the works. All members of the Party have a say in its creation. If you join, you will have the opportunity to shape our future, and by extension, the future of the universe. But we're pretty sure about a few things right now. We support:
  • Public funding of the arts. In all forms. We can not let traditional arts disappear, and we must support new and developing art forms in their naissance.
  • Recycling. Our landfills should not be full of paper products, plastic water bottles, and other such reusable material. Our natural world is all we've ever had, so let's be good guests. Recycle! Conserve!
  • Anti-nuclear proliferation. Because nuclear weapons are just ridiculous. Just think about it for a second. ... See? What were we thinking!
  • Allowing stupid people to choose whether or not they're allowed to live. Because it's nobody's choice except your own! Even if you're stupid.
  • No death penalty. Life is cool! This ties into our efforts to deliver non-toxic art supplies to prisons in order to facilitate creativity and love amongst our criminally disturbed population.
  • Reform of copyright laws. Get capitalism's dirty paws off art. While we do not support plagiarism by any means, art should be shared freely without the mess of royalties and lawsuits.
  • Industrial hemp. This plant has been proven to be an efficient and envrionmentally friendly resource on many counts. Save the trees, use hemp for paper!
  • Freeing animals from zoos.
  • The Revolution.

    These can now be found in a new section dedicated entirely to the existence of your thoughts. Discussion of the issues is extremely important to the Party.
    So, if you're feeling moved, please write an article to submit to us. Share your thoughts on any relevant political, social, or artistic issues. We want to know!