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Crayon Creation in the Art Hours
by Cadet Alanna
October 7, 2006

I love the sound of rapid coloring coming from the corners of my dorm room on a Saturday night -- the inspired and twisted visions of some beautiful space cases being transformed out of thought and transferred to paper. No matter what we've done today or what we've said, we can come together as a community now, in the art hours, to silently communicate and create.

I've recently discovered my love to create while among a group of people. Whether it's doodling over dinner, writing furiously during class, or sitting around and listening to music with my friends over a nice pile of crayons, there is something about the intense energy of the flow of many minds, all those brain waves flying outward and catching in the senses of peers. I feel connected, in tune, capable.

Admittedly, I prefer editing movies alone in the quiet of my room, but, admittedly, the computer is not primarily used an instrument for art. Its function inherently determines how it is used, although even such a sterile contraption can be employed for innovative use; some great art has come out of the computer. I am a huge representative and fan of the Digital Revolution. Yes, despite its technological problems that analog art never touches, the digital medium is as deserving as any, and can be a great tool in many ways. Look at us right now, gathering in the beautiful and false terrain of the glorious internet! We are so lucky to have this these resources, to be able to come together non-corporeally and transmit brain matter through zeros and ones. We'd love for you to utilize this marvelous resource with us by submitting your art and speaking your mind more literally on our message board.

But I'm not trying to get into my usual persuasive mode here; I'm not on the soapbox. While, yes, I encourage everyone to create whenever possible, with whoever possible, I am mostly just expressing my love for these moments of pure thought, when speech is unnecessary to tell each other what we are thinking. I have the utmost respect for the work of my friends, and I'm very pleased that we can use this website to share with a much larger artistic community. Art is humanity's most sincere and honest form of communication to date, so please take a look at what we have to say by exploring the pages of this website. Hopefully you will be inspired to create something of your own, and we hope you'll share it with us some day.

some creations from this night
Cadet Tom
Cadet Brandon
Cadet Warren