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I write, draw, and record on a regular basis. Currently I am most involved in recording little low-fi mono songs in my living room. If you'd like to hear some...


Aztec Libraries - (download)

From The Hymnals - (download)

Cyprus Isle - (download)

Heaven's Satellites - (download)

Witch's Brew - (download)

O Valencia - (download)

Village Green - (download)

Untitled - (download)

Thinking About Thinking (Blues) - (download)

Seas Of Violet - (download)

Ghost Train - (download)

The Frog and The Crane - (download)

Running Along (electric redux) - (download)

Aliens In Iraq - (download)

Space Shanty - (download)

two covers - Vege-Tables and Smothered in Hugs

Ocean Bullet - (download)

Running Along, Pt. II - (download)

Near Jasper - (download)

Chase That Ends in Happy - (download)

Fable - (download)

Sad Drunken Haste - (download)

Crushed Up Pills - (download)

Espania - (download)

OK - (download)

Running Along - (download)

Eastern Landscapes - (download)

Gwildor's Funeral Dirge - (download)

The March of Plants - (download)

Passionate As A Brick - (download)


Stream of consciousness whimsical lyrically liberal narration of a morning in the life of me complete with spelling errors

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