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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Digital Hamn!

In high school, I fronted Hamn!, a very silly and very chaotic punk band. I made "digital" versions of some Hamn! songs after my first year of college under the name Deli Beats and here's some of the "best" tracks. If you are absolutely insane and want a free copy of the Hamn!/Digital Hamn! cd, email me (delibeats@gmail.com) and we'll figure something out.

Seventh Vegan Protest Song

Hats Off To Strap-Ons

It's A Nice Day

Sex With Shotguns

these make me so happy every time. thanks for posting some.
these songs got me in so much trouble at work!
i listened to these and all the hamn songs on my way to baton rouge one evening in warren's joe's car's backseat.

it was shall we say a holy experience.

more hamn pix at least?
I want to hear the original versions of these songs.
i'll mail you a cd if you email me your address . . .
i totally couldn't find your email. mine is:

i totally couldn't find your email. mine is:

the first picture is great.

you guys are weird.

that's all i have to say about that.
I remember this! I actually hosted a dance party to sex with shot guns, NO JOKE- you were credited- no worries n_n
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