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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Americal Doodle

Sharpie on butcher paper. Image search: flowers, trees, crab, butterfly, mouse, kitten, cat-duck, elephant, pig, fish, mosquito, frog, bird, bunny, roach, worm, squirrel, spider.


blue never looked so good on butchered paper! this is by far my favorite of the series...
aw lawd this picture search is going to be SO FUN.
why don't i ever think of things this neat?
I find the treasure hunt amusing, it took me like 10 min to find that rat... I love it, it's clever!
i see the crab!
i'd say the crab, pig, and elephant are the toughest. then again, alanna thought my mosquito was a fox. so maybe they're all tough.
i'm getting the feeling that butcher paper might be the perfect medium.
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