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Friday, December 29, 2006


Naked Houses and Piss Gardens

Winter Solstice Crayon Collaborations: Cadet Rebecca, Future Cadet Scott, Cadet Ledet

I get a sense of ears of penis from this. Strange, how we always hear and see what we want. I do, that is.
Let's live in all these places.

is cadet scott from the future, or will he be a cadet in the future. or both?

whateverthecase may be, i particularly like his creation.
i hope scott enters our midst soon, because i like him and his piece. these are all wonderful and all unique. i'm so glad the first official art party party was a success!
I'd say scott drew the best of the winter solstice art. I'll scan it if he joins.
i love the different imaginations of a piss-garden.
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