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Among these pages you are invited to explore the work of Art Party members. We hope you feel a little more inspired and enlightened by what you find. To submit work, join the party!

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Sunday, October 29, 2006


The Art Wall

a quick sampling of some of the many delights of the art wall

featuring work by Cadets Ledet, Warren, Steve, Tom, and more

Rocket Launch by Cadet Ledet

Parrots by Cadet Leroy

Break Up by Cadet Warren

Holy Cross portraits by Cadet Ledet
Tits and Guns collages by Cadets Warren, Ledet, Leroy, and Rachel

Three Times by Cadet Rachel

Collaboration by Cadets Leroy, Mallory, Ledet, Madeleine, and more

Based on a True Story by Cadet Morgan Rose

Don't Dare Danse by Cadet Tom

Smoke Spirals by Cadet Leroy

Aquatic Play by Cadet Alanna

Sunlight is a Myth by Cadet Ledet

Lake by Cadet Steve

Zombie Drummer Boy by Cadet Warren

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